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Domestic space as a social total fact. Thinking by using photography. Peer review

Irène Sartoretti et Roberto Manuelli | 26.09.2020

How to produce a photographic essay with an esthetic, but also scientific, value? This is the starting point of our research on domestic interiors. By using photography as a method of analysis and at the same time communication, we wanted to explore links between furniture and great contemporary social issues, such as fragmentation of biographies, increasing mobilities, expanding possibilities of choice and ethic of individual performance. This article focuses on methodological choices regarding the use of photograph (comparability, neutrality [...]

Déplacer les disciplines : le nouveau rôle des aires

Michael Lucken et Karoline Postel-Vinay | 05.03.2020

Our societies appear increasingly polarized between the camp of the advocates of "de-globalization" and that of the relentless globalists. Such polarization obscures, by caricaturing it, the complexity of the challenge of human plurality and generates a dilemma, illusory to a certain extent, between the quest for generality and the consideration of particularities. In the humanities and social sciences, this dilemma takes the shape, among others, of a recurring debate about the relation between “the disciplines” and area studies. Overcoming [...]

Croiser les disciplines, se croiser dans l’indiscipline.

Dialogue autour de la notion de rythme.

Lucien DelleyJuliana González et Laurie Daffe | 17.04.2019

As polysemous and intangible as the notion of "rhythm" might be, one must note its capacity to make diverse disciplines (such as geography, literature, biology, dance, sociology or economy) work and speak together. Wishing to pursue this dialogue, can the specific conditions to build a common reflection and the production of an "undisciplined knowledge" be identified ? In light of the seminar "Urban Rhythms" – that took place in Lausanne from 8 to 10 November 2017 –, our reflection [...]

Néandertal : Une espèce en voie de disparition ?

Patrick Poncet | 31.05.2018

Is Neanderthal a very real and singular species, who disappeared from the surface of the globe "with" the advent of Homo sapiens, or rather a buffer category of human paleontology, originally useful to the progress of this science, especially to define Sapiens, but whose obsolescence was epistemologically programmed and which arrives today at the end of its scientific life ? [...]

L’événement anthropocène.

Hervé Regnauld | 22.02.2017

Today’s sciences are used to deal with novelty by two principal ways. First, they may take it as a new step in the evolution of a system. Second, they may consider that a novelty is “new” enough, and therefore that a new set of paradigms should be integrated in the today’s scientific theories. It is extremely rare that an event occurs and is “unthinkable” by sciences. Though, today it seems that the political idea of Anthropocene is an event [...]

Sujets de sciences.

Boris Beaude | 07.07.2015

L’absence de clarté en sciences sociales sur un ensemble de problématiques fondamentales pose problème. Qu’est-ce qu’une science qui n’a pas vocation à expliquer, qui n’est pas vraiment expérimentale, dont les énoncés ne peuvent pas être sérieusement réfutés ou comparés, dont les expériences ne sont pas réellement reproductibles, qui est exceptionnellement cumulative, qui ne peut concevoir des lois ? Et qui, finalement, si elle existait, assimilerait les sujets à des objets, c’est-à-dire à des réalités comparables dont l’action est [...]