Hugo Steinmetz

Hugo Steinmetz is an architect and teacher at the National Superior School of Architecture in Nancy. He is preparing a doctoral thesis in contemporary architectural history at the University of Lorraine, within the Laboratory of History of Contemporary Architecture. His works mainly focuses on the 20th century history of collective housing and the history of construction.

Du travail de l’histoire à la professionnalisation de la raison.

Anheim, Étienne. 2018. Le travail de l’histoire. Paris : Éditions de la Sorbonne, coll. « Itinéraires ».

Hugo Steinmetz | 15.11.2019

Etienne Anheim’s book is the published version of the synthesis thesis constituting his authorization to direct research, supported in 2015. By questioning the historian’s profession in the continuity of Marc Bloch’s work, the author skilfully raises the question of the professional practice of history, the conditions of its teaching and its influence beyond the spheres of research. [...]