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The Books heading gathers critical reviews of selected social-sciences books.

Malthus en Afrique.

Christian Bouquet | 04.06.2021

John May and Jean-Pierre Guengant have been producing and exploiting the demographics of sub-Saharan Africa for more than 20 years. In this book, they synthesize the results of their investigations and research in the most neutral and objective way, without alarmism or denial. [...]

De la société de consommation à la société marchande.

Romain Grandinetti | 25.05.2021

How did we become consumers ? Athony Galluzzo explores the conversion of Westerners to consumerism during the 19th and 20th centuries. In this transdisciplinary approach, he highlights the significant social mutations induced by this change in the relationship of men to materiality which results in the constitution of a merchant society. The author also points how the merchants enforce their power in this type of society. [...]

Great good third place?

Le coworking fait-il tiers-lieu ?

Pierre-Mathieu Le Bel | 12.04.2021

Geographer, researcher and trainer at CREFAD Auvergne as well as Associate researcher at the UMR Territoires of Clermont-Ferrand, he is specialized in social and cultural geography. He is currently interested in questions related to the construction of commons, access to land, food governance, participatory mechanisms, power relations between individuals and social groups as well as the spatial expression of these power relations, heritage, and food sovereignty. He mostly adopts a critical perspective as well as collaborative or action research [...]

Encore une fois, Bruce Begout casse l’ambiance…

Nacima Baron | 07.04.2021

Bruce Begout is a philosopher but also a novelist. Lecturer at the University of Bordeaux, member of the Sciences, Philosophie, Humanités Department (EA 4574), he has written several books on the exploration of urban worlds, everyday life and "common" places. He is also a specialist in Wittgenstein and Husserl. He carries out research on phenomenology, the philosophy of action, analytical philosophy, the philosophy of science, language and logic. [...]

Des ignorants qui s’ignorent ?

Olivier Lazzarotti | 17.03.2021

By the originality of the theme and the approach, the work covering the period 1755-1900, is indeed that of Alain Corbin. Passing the discussions on the notion of ignorance, it opens up to both fundamental and contemporary questions on human interrelationships as well as the predictability of the world. [...]

Risques et promesses des saturations

Une nouvelle notion pour penser les dynamiques urbaines en sciences sociales

Margaux Vigne | 10.03.2021

Our lifestyles and the urban spaces in which we operate are the theater for the development of multiple and increasing forms of saturation. The texts gathered in this book search to identify, describe and analyze these phenomena, both spatial and temporal or social. Broadly, the challenge of this book is to make saturations a new field of research in social sciences. The challenge has been taken in the sense that, despite the own limits of the book, it shows [...]

Études sur l’imaginaire, l’économie et la géopolitique

Christophe Premat | 18.02.2021

The eighth volume of Castoriadis’ political writings sheds light on the relationship between economy and imaginary. By carrying out an accurate editorial work, Enrique Escobar, Myrto Gondicas and Pascal Vernay extracted comments, notes and texts from the archives of Castoriadis that help the reader to understand better Castoriadis’ views on the economy of capitalism and on Marx’ theses in the Capital. The second part of the volume brings together the geopolitical analyzes of Castoriadis on global capitalism. [...]

Quelques éclairages nouveaux sur les migrations africaines

Christian Bouquet | 20.11.2020

Ces deux volumes sont le fruit de quatre ateliers tenus entre 2015 et 2017 à Ouidah (Benin), à Ota (Nigeria), à Ouagadougou (Burkina-Faso) et à Niamey (Niger), à l’initiative principale du LASDEL (Laboratoire d’Études et de Recherches sur les Dynamiques sociales et le Développement local), dont les travaux africanistes font autorité depuis sa fondation en 2001 dans ses implantations du Benin et du Niger. [...]

Une famille, entre habitants et cohabitants.

À propos d’une proposition : rythmologie de la mobilité.

Olivier Lazzarotti | 05.12.2019

Guillaume Drevon's book addresses the issue of daily mobility. This question allows him to experiment with some methodological approaches, in particular those based on the study of rhythms, « rhythmology ». [...]

Du travail de l’histoire à la professionnalisation de la raison.

Anheim, Étienne. 2018. Le travail de l’histoire. Paris : Éditions de la Sorbonne, coll. « Itinéraires ».

Hugo Steinmetz | 15.11.2019

Etienne Anheim’s book is the published version of the synthesis thesis constituting his authorization to direct research, supported in 2015. By questioning the historian’s profession in the continuity of Marc Bloch’s work, the author skilfully raises the question of the professional practice of history, the conditions of its teaching and its influence beyond the spheres of research. [...]