Irène Sartoretti

Irène Sartoretti is an architect and has a PhD in sociology. She is a lecturer at the ENSA of Strasbourg. She works as a marketing consultant and a scientific journalist. She published the book Intimi Universi, un viaggio attraverso spazi, arredi e vissuti domestici (Mimesis, 2016). Her work and teaching englobe several disciplines that question eventual new forms of collaboration between arts and social sciences. In her PhD thesis, she focused on the major changes in contemporary western domesticity, connecting furniture and everyday artifacts to general social dynamics. She then worked on Shanghai, always relating spatial and social dimensions. In her approach, an important role is played by methods of visual analysis and communication.

Arts, sciences : le temps de l’hybridation. Peer review

Jacques Lévy et Irène Sartoretti | 02.08.2018

Relationships between arts and sciences have been experiencing a long lasting misunderstanding. This situation notably derived from an underestimation of the role imagination plays in sciences and reflexivity in arts. If we accept the idea that sciences and arts both contribute, each in their own way, to the cognitive dimension of cultural productions, then we can more easily make visible many similarities and some differences between those two realms. As a result, a programme of interactions, translations, and hybridizations [...]