Gaël Brulé

Gaël Brulé has a MSc in environmental engineering from INSA Rouen (2006) and KTH Stockholm (2007), as well as a PhD in sociology from Erasmus University Rotterdam (2016). He is currently a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Neuchâtel. He is cofounder of Atelier CMJN (green architecture), HRN (applied research in quality of life) and is editor-in-chief of Sciences & Bonheur. His themes of interest are subjective well-being, humour and space.

Une architecture des frontières.

Teyssot, Georges. 2016. Une topologie du quotidien. Lausanne : Presses Polytechniques et Universitaires Romandes, coll. « Poche Architecture ».

Gaël Brulé | 07.07.2017

In Une topologie du quotidien, Georges Teyssot positions himself as an architect of borders. The border is studied under various angles : physical, ontological, epistemological. This analysis stems from an initial observation that the traditional conception of borders is unsatisfactory, and doesn’t explain the current limits of a house, a field, or an object. A new concept of border is drawn by Teyssot. [...]

Dominateur, protecteur ou néguentropique ? Lecture transnationale de l’humour.

Gaël Brulé | 05.05.2014

Humour is at the same time universal and highly cultural. As such, it represents a highly valuable lense to study cultures. Literature on the topic has shown that in interindividual groups or community settings, two main functions can be identified : the first one is represented by the offensive/protective function, the second by the cohesion/differentiation function. We refer to the first one as the vertical component and to the second as the horizontal component. This study has two main [...]