Roberto Manuelli

Roberto Manuelli is an architect and a photographer. He is the co-founder of GruArchitetti: an architectural firm that operates in Italy and worldwide. He is also lecturer and research fellow at the Dipartimento di Architettura e Studi Urbani (DAStu) of the Politecnico di Milano. His works embrace the multiple scales of a project, from the architectural to the urban one, and are based on an interdisciplinary approach.

Domestic space as a social total fact. Thinking by using photography. Peer review

Irène Sartoretti et Roberto Manuelli | 26.09.2020

How to produce a photographic essay with an esthetic, but also scientific, value? This is the starting point of our research on domestic interiors. By using photography as a method of analysis and at the same time communication, we wanted to explore links between furniture and great contemporary social issues, such as fragmentation of biographies, increasing mobilities, expanding possibilities of choice and ethic of individual performance. This article focuses on methodological choices regarding the use of photograph (comparability, neutrality [...]