Philippe Rozin

La République écologique.

Projet politique et utopie ?   

Philippe Rozin | 30.06.2021

Political ecology has gained considerable ideological and intellectual ascendancy in contemporary Western democracies. Having brought about a devastating, and perhaps irreparable, destruction of the earth's ecosystems, leaving the most terrible ecological footprint in the history of the world, humanity is left to ask a real question of a metapolitical nature to state governments. It is the whole relationship of life to republican and democratic political models that is being asked. The possibility of a political model of rupture, changing [...]

Une genèse politique de l’antéprédicatif ? Retour sur voile d’ignorance de John Rawls. Peer review

Philippe Rozin | 10.10.2019

In this paper we propose to examine the idea of the veil of ignorance developed in John Rawls’s Theory of Justice. Rawls has shown a particular interest in the notion of denial of interest, or social unconsciousness, largely at the base of the veil of ignorance. While the veil of ignorance tends to eliminate sources of disagreement reflecting self-interest, the extension of justice in the social development of individuals in time is far from being completely elucidated. We discuss [...]