Kevin Clementi

Kevin Clementi is a Ph.D fellow in psychosociology at the SAGE laboratory (UMR 7363), at the University of Strasbourg. After studying at the Milano-Bicocca University, he specialized in the study of socio-cognitive representations of space and is now preparing a dissertation on the state border’s social representations of the eastern France’s inhabitants.

Les citoyens-artisans dans la ville.

Thomas Riffaud. 2020. L’espace public artisanal. Grenoble : Elya Éditions.

Kevin Clementi | 11.10.2021

This article reviews the book L’espace public artisanal by Thomas Riffaud (2020). The book offers an interesting point of view by focusing on the figure of the « artisan », a citizen who by his appropriation of public spaces participates in their production. The volume is composed of three parts that describe this ideal-type, and the contours of his action in the contemporary city. Three case studies are also proposed in the last chapter. In this article, we review [...]