Léopold Lucas

Leopold Lucas is Lecturer in geography at Université du Littoral Côte d’Opale. His research focuses on the use of skills in the ways people cope with space and an analysis of the urbanity of places through tourism dynamics.

Capital spatial. Peer review

Sept enjeux pour une contribution géographique à la théorie de la pratique de Pierre Bourdieu.

Mathis Stock et Léopold Lucas | 18.11.2022

This article is a reflection upon the “spatial capital”, a concept proposed in addition to the capitals introduced by Pierre Bourdieu in his practice theory. Indeed, this theory does not take into account the spatial dimensions as societal issue, and one of the geographers’ tasks may consist in integrating them. But this concept provokes a debate in geography. Drawing on the Bourdieusian conceptual framework, this paper raises seven issues to consider when including a “spatial capital”. The purpose is [...]

L’humain augmenté, ou les six faces du smartphone.

Nova, Nicolas. 2020. Smartphones, une enquête anthropologique. Genève : MétisPresses.

Léopold Lucas | 27.01.2022

The smartphone has infused our lifestyles to become a ubiquitous actant. As a true spatial technology, it has also transformed how individuals cope with space. But what meaning do we give to this object? How do its uses change our lives? What does it make us do (or not do)? These are the research questions at the heart of Nicolas Nova’s book. [...]

Les techniques du corps, des compétences pour faire avec de l’espace. Peer review

Léopold Lucas | 16.05.2019

This paper offers a discussion about the integration of the « techniques of the body » within a geography of action. The main idea is to define « skills » as the mastery of body techniques. We argue that this mastery gives individuals a capacity of adaptation to cope with space they do not know yet. More precisely, the article discusses the relevance of Marcel Mauss’ proposition, especially in the light of the reading established by Tim Ingold. This [...]

Les lieux touristiques des villes ne sont pas des enclaves.

Léopold Lucas | 22.08.2014

This short paper argues against the perspective that considers cities’ touristic areas as « bubbles ». Indeed, a large part of research tends to present these areas as enclaves, almost heterotopias ; this point of view implies that tourism goes against local communities by producing ruptures and discontinuities in cities. However, serious consideration shows the limits of such conceptualization, hypothesises that tourism increases the urbanity of cities (by expanding the density and diversity of societal realities that are co-present, [...]