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Ton voisin Sébastien.

Si tu ne viens pas au commerce, le commerce ira à toi !

Xavier BernierOlivier Lazzarotti et Jacques Lévy | 01.04.2022

Itinerant trade is a very old activity. Today, it is deployed in a variety of forms and contexts. Nowadays, store trucks are developing very different business proposals with a large variety of vehicles. Their commercial tours produce social links in specific networks. It is a model of original urbanity. [...]

Observer pour inventer : la ville d’après

Enka BlanchardStéphane GallardoShin Alexandre KosekiCarole LanoixOlivier Lazzarotti et Irène Sartoretti | 11.02.2021

Avec l’apport du rhizome Chôros. Presque 40 ans après, imaginons ce que serait le carrefour Mabillon sous la plume de Perec : “19 mai 2020. 3, 4, non 5 SUV défilent, les conducteurs aux visages masqués, au passage 3 piétons attendent le feu, chacun à distance. A chaque arrêt, la même appréhension : où se place-t-on [...]

Covid cherche cospatialité Peer review

Modèles géographiques pour un événement hybride

Jacques Lévy et Sébastien Piantoni | 05.01.2021

In a pandemic, hybrid mechanisms emerge and the social world that results of them is not easy to decipher. It is all the truer in the case of the SARS-CoV-2, we still don’t know everything about. This paper tries to identify and analyse the geographies of urbanity of states. It questions the relationships between the multiple spatial layers that manufacture this troublesome co-spatiality. [...]

Du grand magasin au « grand » site touristique ou le paradigme des Galeries Lafayette Haussmann (Paris). Peer review

Vincent Coëffé et Jean-René Morice | 17.10.2019

Tourism, an urban phenomenon, invests a great diversity of places whose function is not a priori dedicated to this phenomenon. These include department stores, which are regularly absent from official statistics associated with "tourist sites". This article proposes to point out this "oversight" while showing the touristification of certain department stores, whose paradigm would be Les Galeries Lafayette Haussmann. Although the place is absent from the institutional rankings related to tourist flows in the sense that it is first [...]

Les lieux touristiques des villes ne sont pas des enclaves.

Léopold Lucas | 22.08.2014

This short paper argues against the perspective that considers cities’ touristic areas as « bubbles ». Indeed, a large part of research tends to present these areas as enclaves, almost heterotopias ; this point of view implies that tourism goes against local communities by producing ruptures and discontinuities in cities. However, serious consideration shows the limits of such conceptualization, hypothesises that tourism increases the urbanity of cities (by expanding the density and diversity of societal realities that are co-present, [...]