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Kairos, Kronos : les sciences sociales au(x) temps du développement personnel.

Mélanie Le Guen | 21.02.2020

The actors, tools, discourses, practices related to the field of self-development have thrived since the early twenties in the United States and in Europe, as a response to societies’ will to live better lives. Time, especially as far as the many possible temporalities are concerned, is one of the main themes of self-development. Thus, Kairos and Kronos materialize the idea that contemporary Western societies live in relation to two temporal regimes – one being chronological, and the other kairetical. [...]

Les rythmes de la production urbaine au prisme de l’accélération sociale. Peer review

Sandra Mallet | 07.02.2020

The idea of an advanced social acceleration dominates in contemporary SHS writings. However, the links between this acceleration and the modalities of urban space production are still poorly explored. This article is based on the assumption that the acceleration of societies is linked to several aspects of urban production. Two elements are developed in this text. On the one hand, the evolution of social rhythms leads the actors of the urban fabric to consider the question of urban rhythms. [...]

Les cris des corps écrits.

Arts plastiques ?

Xavier BernierOlivier Lazzarotti et Jacques Lévy | 04.07.2019

A practice almost as old as humanity itself, the technique of tattooing, an injection of ink under the skin, continues to be interpreted and reinterpreted, according to the times and societies. The contemporary period does not escape the phenomenon and, faced with the multiplication of these forms of writing that take the body as a page, invites reflection and questioning : what meanings, for tattooed people as well as for those who look at them ? [...]

Chronotopies ou temps unique ?

Rancière, Jacques. 2018. Les temps modernes. Art, temps, politiques. Paris : La Fabrique.

Nathalie Blanc | 27.06.2019

The book repeats four lectures, given in several countries of former Yugoslavia, as well as in the United States, between 2014 and 2015, which allowed the author to rethink time as a (class) conflict in the distribution of life forms. The first lecture, or essay, entitled Time, Narrative, and Politics, questions the narratives of time and the politics of their formulation. The author opposes to the great narratives constructed by Marx and his heirs, a messianic time of which [...]

Rythmes urbains. Peer review

Promesses d'un concept en mouvement.

Guillaume DrevonLuc GwiazdzinskiVincent Kaufmann et Luca Pattaroni | 21.12.2018

La ville ? « Ne pas essayer trop vite de trouver une définition de la ville ; c’est beaucoup trop gros, on a toutes les chances de se tromper ». Le rythme ? Comment réussir « à définir un seul et même signifiant qui véhicule tant de signifiés différents ? ». Et pourquoi chercher à le faire ? Paul Valéry lui-même a avoué (dans ses Cahiers) son échec à éclairer la double énigme du langage et de l’être. La [...]

Cartographier le temps, l’espace d’un moment. Peer review

Carole Lanoix et Véronique Mauron | 15.12.2015

How can one represent time without resorting to animation ? Still images have inhabited cartography for a long time and it is only recently that the trend has changed in favour of dynamic representations. In the light of this development, we propose to revisit the use of a succession of still images to represent time. Continuing the research entitled Cosmographies, conducted at the Chôros laboratory (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne, EPFL), we interrogate the techniques, tools and fictions [...]