Régis Keerle

Régis Keerle’s interests lie in the field of social and cultural geography. He is interested in abstract issues, looking to define how geography can be linked to other social sciences. One of its main theoretical starting points is the morphogenetic theory applied to the social production of space. Not dissimilarly, those interests are focused on a kind of useful countermapping that deals with cartographic anxiety by reason, named « mappographie » (« mappe » is a French neologism based on the two latin roots which give expression to mapping). Within this approach, he focused empirically upon sports, childhood and young people, and more widely on public utilities.

Des fonctions d’un glossaire dans un programme de recherche pluridisciplinaire. Peer review

Exemple du glossaire du programme ANR, « Inégalités éducatives et construction des parcours des 11-15 ans dans leurs espaces de vie ».

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From January 2012 till October 2015, the Agence Nationale de la Recherche (a French agency of research) financed a program called INEDUC, which dealt with young people (11-15 years old), their educational disparities and the construction of their pathways in their living spaces. Thirty researchers of several disciplines (geographers, sociologists, researchers of the sciences of the education and the sciences of information and communication) have been involved in this program. They chose voluntarily an interdisciplinary approach. That is why [...]