Imagine a PostCarWorld.

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Imagine there’s no private car. From one day to the other, it just disappeared. Nobody really wonders how it went about – somehow, all expected this to happen – but the question now is what to do with the rest of the day, with the weekend, with one’s life. A citizen extracts the last remnants of orange pulp stuck between her back teeth since breakfast, and wonders how to manage her life, now that her vehicle is gone. Three months later, collective solutions are set in motion. Five, ten, a hundred years later, space has changed. What become of streets, of the territory, of public space, of the city? How is everyday life organized? And what about the people? Now that their way of moving around has changed, do they also eat, work, meet, love differently? How do they live with those whose company they seek, and with those they avoid? This is the world of which we invite you to give us a glimpse, tomorrow, in ten or in a thousand years? A world without cars. A PostCarWorld.

In synergy with the PostCarWorld research project, launched by the EPFL in 2014 by a group of Swiss research teams, artists are invited to participate in a dialogue between art and science by formulating their vision of a world without cars in words and/or images.


All media are accepted but must be sent in a numeric format (.mp4, .jpg, .odt and other standard image and text formats). The project can be sent by mail or through a web file service (Box, YouSendIt, WeTransfer etc.).

Are accepted short stories in English or French (max. 30’000 signs), photos, paintings, cartoons (15 plates max.) and short films (5 minutes max.). The size of the numeric file must not exceed 300MB.

All submissions must be provided with a short text explaining your artistic project. The projects shall be judged with respect both to their originality and to their artistic quality.


1er prix (1st prize) : 2000 CHF

2ème prix (2nd prize) : 1000 CHF

Les œuvres sélectionnées feront l’objet d’une publication et/ou d’une exposition en 2016.

The selected works shall be the object of a publication and/or an exhibition in 2016.

Practical aspects

Mailing : March 31st 2015

All mails are to be sent to[2]

Results: June 2016

Legal notice : We can not engage in correspondence on the competition, and the organisers’ decision is final.


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