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The Objects heading dissects an object (a map, a word, a website, a photograph, etc.) of interest to the social sciences.

La pauvreté et l’art misérable, dix ans déjà!

Christian Bouquet | 01.07.2016

Ten years ago, one of Gupta’s works (Cow), which was presented at the Foire internationale d’art contemporain in Paris, was disturbing insofar that it reproduced the image of poor Madagascan milk producers who, each morning, hurtled down the hills of Tananarive on ramshackle bikes, their handlebars loaded with ancient and heavy milk pails. In 2016, nothing has changed, except that a third pail has been strapped to the back of the bikes. Has Cow been augmented or has misery [...]

Dictionnaire de la géographie et de l'espace des sociétés. Nouvelle édition.

Jacques Lévy et Michel Lussault, 2013. Dictionnaire de la géographie et de l'espace des sociétés. Nouvelle édition. Paris. Belin.

Jacques Lévy et Michel Lussault | 15.07.2014

La nouvelle édition du Dictionnaire de la géographie et de l’espace des sociétés que vous avez entre les mains est pour une bonne part la conséquence du succès de librairie que la première édition a rencontré. Ce résultat a été obtenu sans aucun compromis sur le niveau d’exigence que nous nous étions fixé tant pour [...]

Exploring tourist mobility in Paris. A combined visitor survey and GPS tracking study.

Michael BauderTim Freytag et Maie Gérardot | 17.02.2014

This article presents a series of the findings from a combined visitor survey and GPS tracking study that was conducted in May and June 2013 in Paris. The mobility of the 129 participants in this study is characterized by a high degree of spatial concentration at several major tourist attractions. Moreover, the most important axes of tourism mobility in Paris are identified. [...]

35°Nord 34°Est.

Conférence/performance, 9’49, 2011

Éric Valette | 19.11.2013

Illustrated conference performance, on the basis of a historic timeline of Cyprus. 35° north/34° east is the location of the small section of the beach enclosed in the buffer zone that divides the island in two, just below the closed city of Famagusta. This city was the starting point of a collective project, Suspended Spaces, in the context of which 35°Nord 34°Est was realized in response to the importance of the readings and representations of history in a conflict [...]

Genève face à sa mondialité.

Anglo-saxons et portugais comme marqueurs de la segmentation spatiale genevoise.

Manouk Borzakian | 02.04.2013

In this article, Geneva, a small world city that is facing a significant economic and demographic growth, is examined with the help of a map where spatial distribution of Anglo-Saxon and Portuguese residents is represented. The different distribution patterns show the impact of globalization on the urban space. These patterns also illustrate the risk of socio-spatial fragmentation, which is not inevitable but far more dangerous for Geneva’s development than densification. It is the latter however that tends to be [...]