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La rubrique Laboratoire regroupe des travaux work-in-progress d’exploration et de construction conceptuelle.

Statt eines Geständnisses.

| 16.05.2011

Meine Damen und Herren, liebe Freunde, Es ist für mich eine große Ehre, um vom großen Vergnügen nicht zu reden, an diesem Abend in Lausann den Charles Veillon-Preis entgegennehmen zu dürfen, den mir die Jury mit einer hochwillkommenen Geste der Großzügigkeit zuerkannt hat. Es ist bei Anlässen wie diesen guter Brauch, daß der auf solche [...]

Audit Cultures in Academia.

A Letter Addressed to the Committee.

Matthew G. Hannah | 31.01.2011

Dear Editorial Board, I am glad to see you are considering this issue. It is crucial to the future of academic research. I include below a few basic thoughts about it. To set a context for these thoughts, I should mention that I am currently working on a larger research project with a colleague, Prof. [...]

Audit, Anthropology, and the Way Forward.

Notes from the Stockholm Anthropology Roundtable, October 3-5, 2008.

Johan Lindquist | 31.01.2011

As the theme of this traverse clearly states, during the last decade, in the wake of books such as Bill Reading’s The University in Ruins (1997), there has been an increasing academic concern with Audit Cultures (Marilyn Strathern, 2000) or Audit Society (Michael Power, 1997). Particularly within the European University system, a form of critique [...]

Managing Science.

Social Sciences in Operation.

Bert Klandermans | 31.01.2011

Quality Assessment. Rector manificus, ladies and gentlemen, the answer that is given increasingly within the science system reads, “Let us count.” Let us count how many Euros have been acquired, how many publications are realized, and how many citations are generated. The higher the score, the better the researcher. However, it is not that simple. [...]

Seeing like a State.

A View on University Life from Below.

Mario Rutten | 12.07.2010

It’s been a long time since academic discussions about research and teaching were part of the board meetings of the department of Anthropology and Sociology of the University of Amsterdam. Most of our meetings today deal with administrative problems only. Sometimes these departmental meetings are followed immediately by teaching obligations. Usually, I find it hard [...]

Towards an Ethics of Slowness in an Era of Academic Corporatism.

Yiu Fai ChowJeroen de Kloet et Helen Hok-Sze Leung | 12.07.2010

‘Now, of course, we live in Thatcher’s psyche if not her anus, in the world she made, of competition, consumerism, celebrity and guilt’s bastard son, charity: bingeing and debt.’ Hanif Kureishi (2008: 271) The hidden injuries of the neo-liberal University. In a recently published piece titled ‘Breaking the Silence: The Hidden Injuries of the Neoliberal [...]

L’individu et la société dans l’écologie profonde.

Alexis Vrignon | 15.06.2010

En prônant l’élargissement du soi au Soi, en célébrant la valeur intrinsèque de toute chose, Arne Næss oublierait-t-il l’homme ? Augustin Berque souligne le caractère problématique de l’ontologie développée par le philosophe norvégien. De fait, l’homme ne risque-t-il pas de se sentir bien à l’étroit dans une existence vouée toute entière à la réalisation de [...]

La part du social dans le rapport à la nature.

Augustin Berque | 15.06.2010

Un passage me frappe dans le commentaire d’Alexis Vrignon : celui où il contraste l’écologisme français des années 1970, mouvement social qui se percevait comme une lutte, à la pensée de Næss, qui « n’accorde au contraire aucune valeur symbolique particulière à l’action collective, la restauration du lien écologique ayant la priorité ». Cette remarque [...]