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Traverser l’espace. Peer review

Xavier Bernier | 22.10.2013

This work is about the “traverser” as a scientific notion. It is understood as the stacking of rhythms and spatial figures. Building a relation between space of departure and arrival through a reference space is a social challenge that mobilizes all spatial skills. This paper outlines the languages used to define the “traverser” : spatial architectures and spatialities are decoded with different figures and spatial maps ; visibility rules are developed through the study of tangible and intangible materials. [...]

Xavier Bernier | 23.09.2013

This paper justifies “le traverser” as a scientific notion ; it argues that it can be defined as the social validation of spatial practices organized a posteriori. ”Le traveser” is a process of social “substantivation” that treats the distance traveled as a spatial unit. With examples from various scales and cultural materials, such as promotional films, webdocumentaries, cartoon or experimental movies, the purpose of this work is to define more precisely the linguistic and spatial uses of what can [...]