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« Rester chez soi » et habiter le Monde : un casse-tête chinois ? Peer review

Olivier Lazzarotti | 11.11.2020

The CoviD-19 pandemic reveals a singular moment in the World. A new type of inhabitant was invented, that of the confined inhabitants. What does it teach us about the contemporary world? How does it inform us about the importance and the stakes of human habitation? But in what way does it also specifically raise issues that go far beyond it? [...]

«Communautés d’installés».

Pour une histoire de l’appartenance médiévale au village ou à la ville.

Joseph Morsel | 11.11.2014

This paper aims to give account of a specific transformation that the medieval society underwent: the formation of what will be called here “communities of installed people”. The expression refers to the progressive establishment in Western Europe, from the 11th and 12th centuries onward, of forms of social belonging that define a collective identity based on a certain relationship to space and time. This installation leads to an “exoregulated” set of inhabiting, producing and moving practices inside a polarized [...]