Karin Schaeffer

She's an architect and urban planner. After studying at the Architecture School of Grenoble, where she specialized in earth architecture techniques, she obtained a master’s degree in urban planning at the Urban Planning Institute of Grenoble. For 15 years, she worked in an architectural office, mainly designing social housing and public buildings. Today, she is working as a project leader in urban renewal in Isère; and at the same time, she is studying, as part of her PhD in the research centre of social sciences Pacte and under the direction of Paulette Duarte, the impacts of urban renewal on the social representations of districts.

Les impacts des transformations urbaines sur les représentations sociales des habitants. Peer review

L’exemple du quartier de Teisseire rénové.

Karin Schaeffer et Paulette Duarte | 18.03.2021

This article aims to understand the impacts of urban transformations on the social representations of the inhabitants of so-called «sensitive» neighbourhoods. While the external image of some of these neighbourhoods is still pejorative, do the inhabitants of these neighbourhoods represent their housing and living conditions differently after renovation? How has the urban renewal of neighbourhoods affected the social representations of their inhabitants? What are the reasons behind these impacts? To answer these questions, the authors propose to compare the [...]