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Petit glossaire du futur pour une lecture démocratique de notre avenir.

Luca Pattaroni | 23.06.2015

With this glossary, written in the framework of an exploratory research on the relation to the future, we attempt to draw the conceptual network that allows for a “pratical understanding” of the future (Ricoeur 1983). A conceptual network that enables to answer the “what”, “who”, “why” and “how” of human actions. This glossary evolves around two axes : on the one hand, the way people are cognitively able to conceive of a future and, on the other hand, the [...]

Les puissances de l’absence.

Projets personnels et/ou projet de société.

Jacques Lévy | 21.04.2014

The survey carried out on explicit representations of the future among the inhabitants of Geneva’s metropolitan area shows three major groups. The most substantial encompasses individuals that speak little about society as a whole but a lot about their own projects. However, they clearly connect their personal itineraries to the context of their agency. The second group includes people that draw a dark image of the future, which is underpinned by a cyclic model of history and a condemnation [...]

Écologie : litanie du futur ou pouvoir négligé ?

Mischa PiraudLuca Pattaroni et Dominique Joye | 07.04.2014

Far away from the promises of a better future, the ecological question provokes fears that are widely shared. It contributes to a negative form of a common future that remains nevertheless quite detached from the everyday experience. Indeed, in opposition to other concerns for the future, the ecological threat appears to be more rooted in an abstract construction than on situated affordances. Fear appears here as the lowest common denominator of our relation with future. [...]


Régimes d’historicité et individus contemporains.

Jacques Lévy | 17.12.2013

Among the interviews conducted in Geneva, general and abstract speeches on the future are rare. This does not prove that the future is absent from discourses and imaginations ; it could mean that the tools we use do not enable us to detect it. The “No future !” motto only informs us that historicist myths have collapsed. Meanwhile, projects have taken place. By and large, this can be explained by the increase of lifespan time scale degrees of freedom [...]