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Agrandir la parole des habitants. Peer review

Laetitia Overney | 17.05.2019

This paper proposes a return visit. It describes an ethnographic field investigation in La Duchère, a public housing estate in Lyon concerned by an urban renewal programme, during the 2000s. Taking a position on the conflict situation between the public authorities, who defend the urban project, and the inhabitants’ mobilizations to amend it : how to do it ? Making the inhabitants’ voices and activities public : how to do it ? Ten years later, the ethnograph reads again [...]

Rawls reloaded. De la justice à la justice spatiale.

Lévy, Jacques, Fauchille, Jean-Nicolas, Póvoas, Ana. 2018. Théorie de la justice spatiale. Géographies du juste et de l’injuste. Paris : Odile Jacob.

Mélanie Le Guen | 15.12.2018

This review of the book Théorie de la justice spatiale. Géographies du juste et de l’injuste attempts to identify some of the workings of the writing exercise that such a volume stands for. This six-hands work uses interviews conducted in France, Switzerland and Portugal to show that individuals are able to reflect space-justice interactions and express their own conceptions of justice, based on their experiences as inhabitants. It seriously deals with contemporary concerns, yet it does not resort to [...]

Les apports de R. E. Park pour une approche sociologique du cosmopolitisme. Peer review

Louise Carlier | 31.08.2016

Contemporary approaches to cosmopolitanism tend to be situated between two poles: a descriptive one and a normative one, which often draw upon a classical sociological approach to cosmopolitanism. This article reconsiders R. E. Park’s approach to cosmopolitanism. Underestimated today, its characteristic is to consider cosmopolitanism both under an ecological angle and a political one. In its ecological form, cosmopolitanism refers to the distribution of a diversity of groups which come to coexist, to share the same urban territory, to [...]