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La stratocratie, ou la tentative de guerre totale dans la pensée politique de Castoriadis.

Castoriadis, Cornelius. 2016. Guerre et théories de la guerre. Écrits politiques. 1945-1997, VI. Paris : Éditions du Sandre.

Christophe Premat | 28.09.2017

The publication of the political writings of Castoriadis on war enlightens the controversies of the early 1980s concerning the evolution of the Soviet regime. Castoriadis was criticised for the data used to propose the concept of stratocracy. However, these writings renew the thinking on political totalitarianism, by showing that war had at that time become a global project of society. The arms race did not respond to a circumstantial evolution, it was due to a project of society totally [...]

L’actualité d’une pensée politique.

Castoriadis, Cornelius. 2015. La société bureaucratique, écrits politiques 1945-1997. Tome V. Paris : Sandre.

Christophe Premat | 24.05.2016

The reedition of Castoriadis’s political work is a real act of autonomy given the context of closure of the capitalistic and bureaucratic regimes. The book includes articles published by Castoriadis in the periodical Socialisme ou Barbarie at the end of the 1940s, and a series of later analyses of the evolution of the Russian regime. Writing on Russia is not just about describing the degenerescence of a political system; it is also a way of throwing light on the [...]