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The Books heading gathers critical reviews of selected social-sciences books.

Paul Claval fait confiance à l’Occident.

Claval, Paul. 2016. L’aventure occidentale. Modernité et globalisation. Paris : Éditions Sciences Humaines.

Christian Bouquet | 11.05.2017

Paul Claval continues to put in perspective the way the world is going, with his own insights and readings. In this book, he alludes to the end of the modernist utopia impacted by the globalization process, while outlining the universalist ambition of these two movements. However, he is worried by the current imbalance experienced by the planet and its inhabitants, under the influence of a triple transition : demographic, environmental and digital technology. His point of view may be [...]

Science, histoire des sciences et vérité scientifique.

Recension croisée de Guenancia, Pierre, Maryvonne Perrot et Jean-Jacques Wunenburger (dirs.). 2016. Bachelard et Canguilhem. Dijon : Cahiers Gaston Bachelard (n°14) et de Barreau, Aurélien. 2016. De la vérité dans les sciences. Paris : Dunod.

Hervé Regnauld | 19.04.2017

What does truth mean for science ? Bachelard, Canguilhem and Dagognet, French philosophers who are also mathematicians and doctors, produced some important ideas about truth : it is not something that exists as a quality of the scientific object, it is something that the scientist creates according to its own likings, and not in relation with some objective characteristics of the world. More recently, a philosopher who is also an astrophysicist, Barrau, has elaborated an original epistemic approach, stating [...]

« Je suis Ferrare. »

Roche, Thierry et Guy Jungblut. 2016. Antonioni-Ferrare : Une hypothèse plausible. Liège : Yellow Now, coll. « Côté cinéma ».

Olivier Lazzarotti | 19.04.2017

Between images and anthropology, from films to inhabitants, the book explores, in the form of a dialogue – which is even better – one of the first questions of dwelling, from the perspective of Mr. Antonioni and the city of Ferrare : « What inheritance the city where we were born gives us ? ». [...]

Un drôle de Sujet ?

À propos de Mbembe, Achille. 2016. Politiques de l’inimitié. Paris : La Découverte.

Gérard Martial Amougou | 30.03.2017

On the basis of his latest book, Policies of Enmity, recently published by La Découverte, this contribution questions the centrality of the notion of subject in the work of Achille Mbembe. Confronted with the current state of the new sociologies of the individual and the drifts of the modern world, the Mbembean subject, whose contours are outlined in the shadow of Frantz Fanon, is nevertheless the bearer of dilemmas. [...]

Pratiques de la sécurité dans la ville et sûreté des espaces urbains.

Comby, Jacques (dir.) avec la coll. d’Emmanuelle Romanet-Da Fonseca. 2015. Peurs dans la ville. Urbanisme et sécurité dans l’agglomération lyonnaise XIXe-XXIe siècle. Rennes : Presses universitaires de Rennes, coll. « Espace et territoires ».

Laura Monfleur | 26.10.2016

The collective work edited by Jacques Comby examines safety in the city and the associated urban forms through the prism of the discourses, practices and representations of actors that have been in charge of governance and urban planning in the Lyon metropolitan area since the 19th century. This book reveals the safety concerns and practices in the shaping of the city. It also offers an enlightening critical analysis. This review attempts to focus on the contributions that Comby’s book [...]

Faites l’expérience de ces ambiances urbaines que je ne saurais définir.

Thibaud, Jean-Paul. 2015. En quête d’ambiances. Éprouver la ville en passant. Genève : MētisPresses, coll. « vuesDensemble Essais ».

Marine Kneubühler | 20.10.2016

En quête d’ambiances is a contribution to the sensitive turn that the social and human sciences are able to cooperate within an interdisciplinary debate about the construction of urban public places and the control of their environments, by focusing on lived experiences. This publication is a collection of papers published from 1996 to 2014 and proposes an exploration of different dimensions of urban atmospheres, both from theoretical and methodological points of view. The strength of this publication is correlating [...]

L’actualité d’une pensée politique.

Castoriadis, Cornelius. 2015. La société bureaucratique, écrits politiques 1945-1997. Tome V. Paris : Sandre.

Christophe Premat | 24.05.2016

The reedition of Castoriadis’s political work is a real act of autonomy given the context of closure of the capitalistic and bureaucratic regimes. The book includes articles published by Castoriadis in the periodical Socialisme ou Barbarie at the end of the 1940s, and a series of later analyses of the evolution of the Russian regime. Writing on Russia is not just about describing the degenerescence of a political system; it is also a way of throwing light on the [...]

Habiter : Hortense fait tourner l’appareil.

Soichet, Hortense. 2016. Esperem ! Images d’un monde en soi. Paris : Créaphis.

Olivier Lazzarotti | 17.05.2016

The experience of « social photography » that has been led by the photographer Hortense Soichet and the Association d’éducation populaire auprès des femmes (GRAPh-CMI) of the gypsy town of Eperem, near Carcassonne, instigates a reflection on the concept of « dwelling » as reciprocal construction of the inhabitants and the world by revealing a part of the town’s dynamics. [...]

Méduse face à Gaïa.

Latour, Bruno. 2015. Face à Gaïa. Huit conférences sur le nouveau régime climatique. Paris : La Découverte.

Alexandre Rigal | 19.04.2016

This review describes the intellectual battle that Bruno Latour engages against the Moderns in his new book Face à Gaïa, huit conferences sur le nouveau régime climatique. He uses the icon of Gaia as a weapon since, in his eyes, she can revitalize the Earth by inviting us to modify our representations of the creatures that compose it. The Moderns need to take earthly beings more into account, but they lack access to them. This is why Latour includes [...]

La re-cherche, un roman ?

Meur, Diane. 2015. La carte des Mendelssohn, roman. Paris : Sabine Wespierser.

Olivier Lazzarotti | 02.02.2016

Diane Meur’s book claims to be a novel about the descending genealogy of the Enlightenment philosopher Moses Mendelssohn, but the narrative is also about the author’s quest. Therefore, the book offers its readers a rich experience of research whose approach resembles current ones in social sciences and humanities, although these are not always explicit. [...]