Marine Kneubühler

Marine Kneubühler is a PhD candidate in epistemology of social sciences and in sociology of communication and culture both at the University of Lausanne and Telecom ParisTech. Her research focus on the nature of We and the potential connections between the experiential dimension of life in a first person singular perspective and the public dimension of this experience.Her reflection starts from an inquiry on the Swiss rap music, more precisely on one specific rapper, in its French speaking part. She currently is a visiting researcher in the Center for Subjectivity Research at the University of Copenhagen, with a fellowship awarded by the Swiss National Science Foundation.

Faites l’expérience de ces ambiances urbaines que je ne saurais définir.

Thibaud, Jean-Paul. 2015. En quête d’ambiances. Éprouver la ville en passant. Genève : MētisPresses, coll. « vuesDensemble Essais ».

Marine Kneubühler | 20.10.2016

En quête d’ambiances is a contribution to the sensitive turn that the social and human sciences are able to cooperate within an interdisciplinary debate about the construction of urban public places and the control of their environments, by focusing on lived experiences. This publication is a collection of papers published from 1996 to 2014 and proposes an exploration of different dimensions of urban atmospheres, both from theoretical and methodological points of view. The strength of this publication is correlating [...]