Vitor Pessoa Colombo

Vitor Pessoa Colombo is an architect; he carries his PhD thesis as a doctoral assistant at the Urban and Regional Planning Community (CEAT), at Lausanne’s Federal Institute of Technology. His research focuses on urbanization processes in the global South, socio-spatial segregation and participatory mapping methods applicable in contexts of high economic and/or social vulnerability.

Gentrification, co-presence or social mix? Changes and permanence in the centre of São Paulo Peer review

Vitor Pessoa Colombo et Gian Paolo Torricelli | 17.07.2020

Can we speak of gentrification in the centre of São Paulo (Brazil)? Or is it rather a situation of copresence between different social classes? Starting from a brief analysis of the Latin-American context and the situation of the urban centres in this region, we address the recent changes in the socio-spatial dynamics of the city of São Paulo. In order to assess the possibility of a gentrification process in its historical centre, we propose a spatial analysis of the [...]