Gian Paolo Torricelli

Gian Paolo Torricelli (PhD) is a geographer, head of the Observatory of Spatial Development (OST) and professor of Urban Geography and Spatial Development at the Accademia di architettura (University of Lugano - USI) in Mendrisio, Switzerland. He taught at the Universities of Geneva and Milan, and was visiting professor at the Universities of Buenos Aires (1998 and 2015) and Grenoble (2001). His research focuses on urbanization and mobility of mountainous regions, cartography and geo-information, urban public space and Latin American cities.

Gentrification, co-presence or social mix? Changes and permanence in the centre of São Paulo Peer review

Vitor Pessoa Colombo et Gian Paolo Torricelli | 17.07.2020

Can we speak of gentrification in the centre of São Paulo (Brazil)? Or is it rather a situation of copresence between different social classes? Starting from a brief analysis of the Latin-American context and the situation of the urban centres in this region, we address the recent changes in the socio-spatial dynamics of the city of São Paulo. In order to assess the possibility of a gentrification process in its historical centre, we propose a spatial analysis of the [...]