Pauline Hosotte

Pauline Hosotte is a doctoral student at the Urban Sociology Laboratory of the EPFL and a project engineer at Transitec Ingénieurs-Conseils. As a civil engineer with a degree from the same university, she combines the fields of transport engineering, spatial planning and social sciences to advance the understanding of changes in mobility behaviour and the parameters underlying their observable form. After working on high mobility practices in Europe and Chile, it is also with an international flavour that she is working on the controversial phenomenon of traffic evaporation. Through a close link with practice, it aims to clarify the diversity of social demands, so that urban public intervention can be calibrated to meet them.

Time vulnerability: refereeing to keep the pace. Peer review

Alexis GumyPauline Hosotte et Marc-Edouard Schultheiss | 17.07.2020

While accessibility conditions have never been so sound, the social injunctions that materialise at work, at home or during leisure time can lead to various forms of vulnerability with respect to time. This article supports the hypothesis that time vulnerabilities, when enhanced by a situation of high parenting responsibility or automobile dependence, encourage households to implement unique mobility practices. These practices, termed “emerging” in this research, would allow them to keep the intense pace of their daily mobility project. [...]