Alexis Gumy

Alexis Gumy is a doctoral student at the Urban Sociology Laboratory of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne. As a graduate in civil engineering from the same school, his research is based on quantitative methods applied to the analysis of lifestyles and forms of mobility. Through the various themes he addresses, he seeks to overcome classical, functionalist and normative statistical approaches, by considering experience or opinions as determining factors in the study of behavior. For example, he has measured the impact of the stress factor felt in the practice of “long-distance commuting". As a continuation of his work, he is currently interested in the relationship between practices and representations in the context of European cross-border agglomerations (Swiss National Research Found). Finally, he is also assistant-teacher in several courses at the ENAC faculty of the EPFL.

Rythmes urbains. Peer review

Alexis GumyPauline Hosotte et Marc-Edouard Schultheiss | 17.07.2020

While accessibility conditions have never been so sound, the social injunctions that materialise at work, at home or during leisure time can lead to various forms of vulnerability with respect to time. This article supports the hypothesis that time vulnerabilities, when enhanced by a situation of high parenting responsibility or automobile dependence, encourage households to implement unique mobility practices. These practices, termed “emerging” in this research, would allow them to keep the intense pace of their daily mobility project. [...]