David Sayagh

David Sayagh has a PhD from the Paris-Est University, IFSTTAR (French institute of science and technology for transport, development and networks). He is currently a teaching and research temporary agent (ATER) at the University of Strasbourg, and a member of the “Sport and Social Sciences” (E3S) team. His work focuses in particular on bicycle socialisation and more generally on the links between the urban, mobility, sport, sanitary and ecological socialisations.

Study inequalities in cycling mobility opportunities.

David Sayagh | 01.05.2020

Based on a doctoral thesis, this article aims to explore how to capture and report on the differentiated socializations that lead to inequalities in cycling mobility opportunities. This ambition has led to special methodological precautions (against the bias linked to social distance, memory failures, conscious omissions, the "sex of the survey", etc.) and to develop an analysis tool whose main advantage is its heuristic ability to reveal gendered dispositions underlying the strengthening of unequal opportunities. Finally, the approach justifies the [...]