David Sayagh

David Sayagh is a lecturer in sociology at the Faculty of Sports Sciences of the University of Paris-Saclay, within the CIAMS laboratory. He has taught at the University Gustave Eiffel, the University Rennes 2 and the University of Strasbourg. He also worked as a post-doctoral fellow at Cerema Territoires et Ville on the SANUM Santé-Mobilité project (ANR-ADEME) and at ENTPE at the LAET, in the framework of the international Vélotactique project (ANR). Her work focuses on socialisation to (and through) cycling mobility and more generally on the links between urban, mobility, sports, health and ecological socialisation.

Mobilités du quotidien et santé.

Un état de l’art basé sur le cadre théorique de la motilité.

David SayaghLaurent Jardinier et Vincent Kaufmann | 19.11.2021

The objective of this state-of-the-art article is to ask – based on the theoretical framework of the concept of motility – to what extent everyday mobility influences health. It is shown that this influence operates at multiple levels. In particular, following the example of active mobility, mobility can be a source of significant benefits, both in terms of physical health and mental and social health. But daily mobility can also be a source of accidents, air pollution, noise pollution, [...]

Study inequalities in cycling mobility opportunities.

David Sayagh | 01.05.2020

Based on a doctoral thesis, this article aims to explore how to capture and report on the differentiated socializations that lead to inequalities in cycling mobility opportunities. This ambition has led to special methodological precautions (against the bias linked to social distance, memory failures, conscious omissions, the "sex of the survey", etc.) and to develop an analysis tool whose main advantage is its heuristic ability to reveal gendered dispositions underlying the strengthening of unequal opportunities. Finally, the approach justifies the [...]