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Les cris des corps écrits.

Arts plastiques ?

Xavier BernierOlivier Lazzarotti et Jacques Lévy | 04.07.2019

A practice almost as old as humanity itself, the technique of tattooing, an injection of ink under the skin, continues to be interpreted and reinterpreted, according to the times and societies. The contemporary period does not escape the phenomenon and, faced with the multiplication of these forms of writing that take the body as a page, invites reflection and questioning : what meanings, for tattooed people as well as for those who look at them ? [...]

Habiter : Hortense fait tourner l’appareil.

Soichet, Hortense. 2016. Esperem ! Images d’un monde en soi. Paris : Créaphis.

Olivier Lazzarotti | 17.05.2016

The experience of « social photography » that has been led by the photographer Hortense Soichet and the Association d’éducation populaire auprès des femmes (GRAPh-CMI) of the gypsy town of Eperem, near Carcassonne, instigates a reflection on the concept of « dwelling » as reciprocal construction of the inhabitants and the world by revealing a part of the town’s dynamics. [...]

La re-cherche, un roman ?

Meur, Diane. 2015. La carte des Mendelssohn, roman. Paris : Sabine Wespierser.

Olivier Lazzarotti | 02.02.2016

Diane Meur’s book claims to be a novel about the descending genealogy of the Enlightenment philosopher Moses Mendelssohn, but the narrative is also about the author’s quest. Therefore, the book offers its readers a rich experience of research whose approach resembles current ones in social sciences and humanities, although these are not always explicit. [...]

Écriture versus rédaction.

Jablonka, Ivan. 2014. L’Histoire est une littérature contemporaine. Manifeste pour les sciences sociales. Paris : Seuil.

Olivier Lazzarotti | 15.06.2015

From reading the book of Ivan Jablonka (2014), L’Histoire est une literature contemporaine, this text emphasizes the idea that the scientific work of writing is one of the components of scientific production. [...]