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Arts, sciences : le temps de l’hybridation. Peer review

Jacques Lévy et Irène Sartoretti | 02.08.2018

Relationships between arts and sciences have been experiencing a long lasting misunderstanding. This situation notably derived from an underestimation of the role imagination plays in sciences and reflexivity in arts. If we accept the idea that sciences and arts both contribute, each in their own way, to the cognitive dimension of cultural productions, then we can more easily make visible many similarities and some differences between those two realms. As a result, a programme of interactions, translations, and hybridizations [...]

Translating Articles in the Humanities and Social Sciences.

Franck Barbin | 18.11.2014

Debunking typical misconceptions on translation, more specifically in academic environments, helps me to establish guidelines for writing and translating articles in humanities and social sciences (HSS). Six main stereotypes are examined : (1) translating is easier and quicker than writing ; (2) machine translation yields good results ; (3) literal translation ensures the quality of the translation ; (4) everyone speaks the same English ; (5) scientific discourse is unambiguous ; and (6) concepts are universal. My study mainly [...]