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Jacques Lévy, Nobel de la géographie 2018.

Christian Grataloup | 26.07.2018

The next Vautrin Lud Prize will be awarded, in October 2018, to Jacques Lévy. It is the recognition of the profound renewal that was brought by him, not only to geography, but to the social sciences as a whole, particularly by the foundation and persevering animation of EspacesTemps, first on its paper version, then on its online version. Collective work has been, and always is, the trademark of Jacques Lévy’s work. [...]

Effets de terrain. Peer review

Anne Doquet et Joëlle Le Marec | 14.09.2017

What kind of knowledge do we produce in the social sciences ? The problem is constantly discussed, mostly from a review of the literature (after all stages of academic refining) more than by sharing what is learned from the survey. However, it can be reconsidered not as a technical stage of collection, but as an open process that begins well before and continues well after the phase described in theses and articles as the space-time reserved for the study area. [...]

Comment exposer les sciences humaines et sociales ?

Jean-Nicolas Fauchille | 12.07.2017

The article is based on two debates, in the context of the 2017 printanières of Three approaches, historical, panoptic contemporary, and theoretical/critical of the notions of exhibition and museum allow to answer properly the following question, by bringing an enthusiastic and optimistic reading grid : how to expose the social sciences ? [...]

Enseigner les sciences humaines et sociales : une promesse difficile.

Patricia Legris | 12.07.2016

The teaching of social sciences has been debated since the end of the Second World War in France, disrupting the school curriculum. This paper seeks to explain the role that the actors involved in education played in integrating social sciences and making history the most important subject of study. It also shows that the desire to reform education restricts it more than it opens it to new opportunities and approaches. [...]

Deleuze bashing.

Hervé Regnauld | 28.04.2015

Social sciences sometimes quote philosophers in order to provide a basis for their theories. They quote Gilles Deleuze very often, but Deleuze says that he doesn’t care about being coherent. So why should socials science care about philosophy ? [...]

Translating Articles in the Humanities and Social Sciences.

Franck Barbin | 18.11.2014

Debunking typical misconceptions on translation, more specifically in academic environments, helps me to establish guidelines for writing and translating articles in humanities and social sciences (HSS). Six main stereotypes are examined : (1) translating is easier and quicker than writing ; (2) machine translation yields good results ; (3) literal translation ensures the quality of the translation ; (4) everyone speaks the same English ; (5) scientific discourse is unambiguous ; and (6) concepts are universal. My study mainly [...]