Anne Doquet

Anne Doquet is an anthropologist, researcher at the IRD, and a member of the Institute of African Worlds. Her work on the implications of anthropological discourse on the Dogon was published in 1999 by Karthala (Les masques dogon. Ethnologie savante et ethnologie autochtone). She is the author of several scientific publications on tourism, and has also co-ordinated various issues of journals on this subject. Her postdoctoral researches focused on the implementation of authenticity in Mali and the identity reconstructions linked to the development of tourism. She is also interested in the representations of the West in the identity constructions of contemporary Mali, especially in gender relations.

Effets de terrain. Peer review

Anne Doquet et Joëlle Le Marec | 14.09.2017

What kind of knowledge do we produce in the social sciences ? The problem is constantly discussed, mostly from a review of the literature (after all stages of academic refining) more than by sharing what is learned from the survey. However, it can be reconsidered not as a technical stage of collection, but as an open process that begins well before and continues well after the phase described in theses and articles as the space-time reserved for the study area. [...]

Ethnologues et touristes au papier calque.

Quelques effets de terrain en milieu touristique.

Anne Doquet | 01.12.2016

Based on a considerable fieldwork experience in Mali, this paper aims to analyze the ethnologist's responsibilities towards various actors taking part in tourism encounters. From similarities between anthropologists and tourists, I intend to show that relationships between researchers, local communities, guides and tourists are components of the ethnographic data. Tourism constitutes therefore an ethnographic field that needs a continous practice of reflexivity. Furthermore, because he is a tourist in his own way, because the mediators of tourism encounters tend [...]

La force de l’impact. Peer review

Paradigme théorique et réalités de terrain.

Anne Doquet | 18.02.2010

  Même si une série de publications récentes (notamment plusieurs numéros spéciaux de revues) témoignent d’une progressive légitimité du sujet, la question du tourisme a connu dans les sciences humaines françaises un démarrage difficile. Sans en retracer l’historique, je voudrais m’attarder sur l’un des facteurs explicatifs de cet essor laborieux, que ce soit en sociologie [...]