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L’interdisciplinarité : doit-elle choisir entre produire un savoir et cultiver une pratique ? Peer review

Barthélemy Durrive et Julie Noack | 23.11.2017

This paper offers a comparative analysis of two interdisciplinary projects built on the same principle. The first experience lasted four years (from 2009 to 2013), the second started a year ago (January 2015). The comparison we propose focuses on the methodological difficulties we encountered in each project specifically, and the aim is to describe how they have been responded to. More precisely : the challenge we would like to emphasize in multidisciplinary research regards the constitution of a positive yet [...]

Spatial practices, theoretical implications.

Mathis Stock | 31.03.2015

This article aims at evaluating some of the theoretical implications of the inquiry of the spatial dimensions of practices. First, it raises the question of the adequacy of the use of the term « spatial practice » against the possibility of speaking of spatial dimensions of practices. Second, it evaluates some of the consequences of the growing importance of practices on geographical theory. This article departs from Theodore Schatzki’s proposition in this traversal and thus takes the form of [...]

The dean on the raft.

A critical plea for the combination of Ted Schatzki’s and Jean Hillier’s socio-spatial approaches.

Michael Jonas | 12.03.2015

In this article, I make a plea for a combination of Ted Schatzki’s and Jean Hillier’s approaches. After a short introduction, I identify and discuss central aspects of Schatzki’s social site approach and Hillier’s strategic planning approach. I then argue that Schatzki’s social site approach might be more convincing and usable for practical research in geography if aspects of power, which are central to Hillier’s argumentation, are integrated. Following Lukes’s (2005) so-called radical view of power, various concepts are [...]