Barthélemy Durrive

Barthélemy Durrive graduated in philosophy. After he took part in the EHVI junior lab (« Enquête sur l’homme vivant », that is : « inquiry concerning the living human being »), he created a second junior lab, « Appliquer, c’est tout un travail ! » (that is : « following rules is a full-time job ! »), in January 2015, along with Julie Noack. Presently, he is a doctoral student in Lyon, and his thesis focuses on the historial epistemology of “work physiology” between 1860 and 1960.

L’interdisciplinarité : doit-elle choisir entre produire un savoir et cultiver une pratique ? Peer review

Barthélemy Durrive et Julie Noack | 23.11.2017

This paper offers a comparative analysis of two interdisciplinary projects built on the same principle. The first experience lasted four years (from 2009 to 2013), the second started a year ago (January 2015). The comparison we propose focuses on the methodological difficulties we encountered in each project specifically, and the aim is to describe how they have been responded to. More precisely : the challenge we would like to emphasize in multidisciplinary research regards the constitution of a positive yet [...]