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Scopitone : nature.

Terre (2/2). Le tout et les parties.

Olivier Lazzarotti | 01.02.2023

For some, the Earth is a whole that stands as a principle of solidarity between all its cohabitants. Others see it rather as a piece of land that qualifies, or even identifies, those who live there; all the more so, it seems, because they were not born there. So, if listening to the songs does not help to define the word 'nature', it is perhaps also because the interest of the term is not to have one. In this case, [...]

Scopitone : nature.


Olivier Lazzarotti | 01.10.2022

Water, as an element of nature, whether it is raining or snowing, inspires songs in very different ways. And this suggests that there is no one nature, but that everyone understands and perceives it as they wish. [...]

Scopitone : nature.


Olivier Lazzarotti | 01.09.2022

As an element of nature, the "sun" is in the title of some French songs. The star can be the occasion to take up themes specific to classical Western poetry. But, in the end, the heart of the matter lies in a much more political scope. [...]

Penser (avec) la pandémie.

Jacques Lévy | 18.12.2020

Cet article est proposé par le rhizome Chôros. Pour expliquer la dynamique de la pandémie du Sars-CoV-2 de 2020, de nombreux « facteurs » simples ont été proposés : l’âge ou des prédispositions génétiques des patients, la pollution… dont certains, d’autre moins, ont résisté à l’avalanche des informations et aux avancées de la recherche. D’autres, comme la température (le [...]

Produire les communs à travers l’histoire.

Graber, Frédéric et Fabien Locher. 2018. Posséder la nature. Environnement et propriété dans l’histoire. Paris : Éditions Amsterdam.

Pierre-Mathieu Le Bel | 11.07.2019

The environmental and societal problems that humanity faces seem to emphasize always more emphatically the contradictory character of property as an act of exclusion and domination, if one is to respond to challenges of equity and mutual aid. On the contrary, it is important to try to make property coherent with a spirit of cohabitation. Posséder la nature adopts this aim. It offers a selection of articles or chapters unpublished in French, chosen on the basis of their stance [...]

Une spiritualité du donné naturel ?

Bourg, Dominique. 2018. Une nouvelle Terre. Paris : Éditions Desclée de Brouwer.

Augustin Berque | 20.06.2018

Dominique Bourg’s A New Earth shows that the modern ideal of mastering nature is ending in its contrary, a total loss of mastership. The reviewer agrees on the whole, but criticises Bourg’s conception of “natural given”, which implies determinism, whereas the relation at stake cannot be but contingent. [...]