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Sens interdits.

Les nouveaux intouchables.

Yveline Piarroux | 01.07.2021

The Covid pandemic has changed the way we handle social interactions. Senses that used to be engaged such as sight (masks), and touch (social distancing) can no longer be used in the same way. But the need for sociability has led to invent or use other means to interact. [...]

Odyssées minuscules.

Le temps de l’aventure commence enfin.

Xavier BernierOlivier Lazzarotti et Jacques Lévy | 01.01.2020

The ordinary people’s daily life is full of adventures and misadventures, but less and less of tragedies. This is the consequence of the growing density of the interactions they perform with their fellow humans, which protect them from disasters and even boost them towards happy endings. This emergence might be a typical feature of the contemporary world. [...]