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La guerre de l’habiter aura-t-elle lieu ?  

Olivier Lazzarotti | 28.09.2021

Reading the book “Where am I?” by Bruno Latour convinces that, at least as much as the ecological stake of the planet, it is indeed, in its fullness, the question of inhabiting it which is posed. Can ecological considerations, in particular the apocalyptic announcement of the end, be the exclusive inputs to this issue for all of humanity, that is, each and every one of its members, and well beyond? [...]

Fred, Noah, Valérie et les autres… tous habitants !

Lion, Gaspard. 2015. Incertaines demeures. Enquêtes sur l’habitat précaire. Montrouge : Bayard.

Olivier Lazzarotti | 26.07.2017

The work of sociologist Gaspard Lion focuses on the precarious habitat of people living in the circumparisian woods, residing in year-round campsites or settling in the streets. It allows to account for these "marginal" forms of living. They then contribute to fuel the ongoing reflection on "dwelling". [...]

Les représentations paysagères, un matériau pour la planification urbaine ? Peer review

Didier Labat | 22.05.2013

Planning tools rely on expertise in order to develop landscape guidelines on inter-communal and communal scales. The attractiveness of suburban areas renew and diversify the socio-economic components of these territories. Beyond regulatory requirements for consultation, it is recognized that participation approaches struggle to develop, especially within the territorial planning tools. In this context, do the political landscape planning documents correspond to the expectations of the people ? What impact do they have on the representations of the inhabitants ? [...]