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La République écologique.

Projet politique et utopie ?   

Philippe Rozin | 30.06.2021

Political ecology has gained considerable ideological and intellectual ascendancy in contemporary Western democracies. Having brought about a devastating, and perhaps irreparable, destruction of the earth's ecosystems, leaving the most terrible ecological footprint in the history of the world, humanity is left to ask a real question of a metapolitical nature to state governments. It is the whole relationship of life to republican and democratic political models that is being asked. The possibility of a political model of rupture, changing [...]

Le monde à l’épreuve de la pollution.

Jarrige, François et Thomas Le Roux. 2017. La Contamination du monde. Une histoire des pollutions à l'âge industriel. Paris : Seuil, coll. « L’Univers historique ».

Igor Moullier | 08.02.2018

The dilemmas posed by industrial production and its pollution are not new. Jarrige and Le Roux show how, as early as in the 18th century, industrial societies perceived the problems related to pollution and how science and the state contributed to deal with their effects. [...]

Les apports de R. E. Park pour une approche sociologique du cosmopolitisme. Peer review

Louise Carlier | 31.08.2016

Contemporary approaches to cosmopolitanism tend to be situated between two poles: a descriptive one and a normative one, which often draw upon a classical sociological approach to cosmopolitanism. This article reconsiders R. E. Park’s approach to cosmopolitanism. Underestimated today, its characteristic is to consider cosmopolitanism both under an ecological angle and a political one. In its ecological form, cosmopolitanism refers to the distribution of a diversity of groups which come to coexist, to share the same urban territory, to [...]

Plus de biodiversité pour plus de démocratie.

Larrère, Catherine et Raphaël Larrère. 2015. Penser et agir avec la nature. Une enquête philosophique. Paris : La Découverte.

Alexandra Borsari | 10.11.2015

Penser et agir avec la nature consists in the last development of Catherine and Raphaël Larrère’s reflection on the relationship between humankind and nature, and the way we can share the same world. With this book, they call for a new political ecology, rebuilt thanks to the core concept of “biodiversity”. Acting as a synthesis of the path the authors have taken since their reference book, Du bon usage de la nature (1997), this work insists on the importance [...]

Écologie : litanie du futur ou pouvoir négligé ?

Mischa PiraudLuca Pattaroni et Dominique Joye | 07.04.2014

Far away from the promises of a better future, the ecological question provokes fears that are widely shared. It contributes to a negative form of a common future that remains nevertheless quite detached from the everyday experience. Indeed, in opposition to other concerns for the future, the ecological threat appears to be more rooted in an abstract construction than on situated affordances. Fear appears here as the lowest common denominator of our relation with future. [...]