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Mal-habiter et malaise dans l’habiter : Pour un dialogue entre géographie et psychanalyse

Frédéric Vinot | 17.07.2020

In response to the formula of “mal-habiter” proposed by O. Lazzarotti, X. Bernier and J. Levy (2020), the author puts forward the hypothesis of “malaise dans l’habiter”, with particular reference to theories of Freud and Lacan. Where “mal-habiter” indicates dissatisfaction on the part of the inhabitant with regard to external and social conditions, “malaise dans l’habiter” indicates a dissatisfaction inherent in the very fact of dwelling, a trace of an uninhabitable in the heart of dwelling. The different possibilities [...]

Fred, Noah, Valérie et les autres… tous habitants !

Lion, Gaspard. 2015. Incertaines demeures. Enquêtes sur l’habitat précaire. Montrouge : Bayard.

Olivier Lazzarotti | 26.07.2017

The work of sociologist Gaspard Lion focuses on the precarious habitat of people living in the circumparisian woods, residing in year-round campsites or settling in the streets. It allows to account for these "marginal" forms of living. They then contribute to fuel the ongoing reflection on "dwelling". [...]

« Je suis Ferrare. »

Roche, Thierry et Guy Jungblut. 2016. Antonioni-Ferrare : Une hypothèse plausible. Liège : Yellow Now, coll. « Côté cinéma ».

Olivier Lazzarotti | 19.04.2017

Between images and anthropology, from films to inhabitants, the book explores, in the form of a dialogue – which is even better – one of the first questions of dwelling, from the perspective of Mr. Antonioni and the city of Ferrare : « What inheritance the city where we were born gives us ? ». [...]

Habiter : Hortense fait tourner l’appareil.

Soichet, Hortense. 2016. Esperem ! Images d’un monde en soi. Paris : Créaphis.

Olivier Lazzarotti | 17.05.2016

The experience of « social photography » that has been led by the photographer Hortense Soichet and the Association d’éducation populaire auprès des femmes (GRAPh-CMI) of the gypsy town of Eperem, near Carcassonne, instigates a reflection on the concept of « dwelling » as reciprocal construction of the inhabitants and the world by revealing a part of the town’s dynamics. [...]

Écriture versus rédaction.

Jablonka, Ivan. 2014. L’Histoire est une littérature contemporaine. Manifeste pour les sciences sociales. Paris : Seuil.

Olivier Lazzarotti | 15.06.2015

From reading the book of Ivan Jablonka (2014), L’Histoire est une literature contemporaine, this text emphasizes the idea that the scientific work of writing is one of the components of scientific production. [...]

Les lieux touristiques des villes ne sont pas des enclaves.

Léopold Lucas | 22.08.2014

This short paper argues against the perspective that considers cities’ touristic areas as « bubbles ». Indeed, a large part of research tends to present these areas as enclaves, almost heterotopias ; this point of view implies that tourism goes against local communities by producing ruptures and discontinuities in cities. However, serious consideration shows the limits of such conceptualization, hypothesises that tourism increases the urbanity of cities (by expanding the density and diversity of societal realities that are co-present, [...]