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Alfred Métraux, ethnologue à l’UNESCO (1947-1963). Peer review

Chloé Maurel | 28.06.2017

Alfred Métraux, Swiss-American ethnologist, worked for UNESCO from 1947 until his death in 1963. This article analyzes three UNESCO programs in which he was deeply involved : the « fundamental education » project in Marbial Valley (Haïti), at the end of the forties, aiming at educating Haitian peasants ; the program on the « race question » in the fifties, aiming at fighting racism, and the « andin program », also in the fifites, aiming at helping Latin American [...]

« Je suis Ferrare. »

Roche, Thierry et Guy Jungblut. 2016. Antonioni-Ferrare : Une hypothèse plausible. Liège : Yellow Now, coll. « Côté cinéma ».

Olivier Lazzarotti | 19.04.2017

Between images and anthropology, from films to inhabitants, the book explores, in the form of a dialogue – which is even better – one of the first questions of dwelling, from the perspective of Mr. Antonioni and the city of Ferrare : « What inheritance the city where we were born gives us ? ». [...]