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Le jeu de rôle comme espace potentiel : contribution à une anthropologie de l’enchantement Peer review

Isabelle Borsus et Grégory Pogorzelski | 11.09.2020

In this article, we would like to contribute to the drawing of the contours of enchantment as a concept by confronting it to the scene of tabletop role playing game. To this end, we will defend the hypothesis that role playing game could be approached as an enchantment device (dispositif d’enchantement), itself considered as a « potential space » (Belin, 2002) framing and encouraging the emergence of an extra-daily experience. At first, we will discuss the environment of the [...]

Alfred Métraux, ethnologue à l’UNESCO (1947-1963). Peer review

Chloé Maurel | 28.06.2017

Alfred Métraux, Swiss-American ethnologist, worked for UNESCO from 1947 until his death in 1963. This article analyzes three UNESCO programs in which he was deeply involved : the « fundamental education » project in Marbial Valley (Haïti), at the end of the forties, aiming at educating Haitian peasants ; the program on the « race question » in the fifties, aiming at fighting racism, and the « andin program », also in the fifites, aiming at helping Latin American [...]

« Je suis Ferrare. »

Roche, Thierry et Guy Jungblut. 2016. Antonioni-Ferrare : Une hypothèse plausible. Liège : Yellow Now, coll. « Côté cinéma ».

Olivier Lazzarotti | 19.04.2017

Between images and anthropology, from films to inhabitants, the book explores, in the form of a dialogue – which is even better – one of the first questions of dwelling, from the perspective of Mr. Antonioni and the city of Ferrare : « What inheritance the city where we were born gives us ? ». [...]