Grégory Pogorzelski

Grégory Pogorzelski is a critic, essayist and game designer. He notably designed the role-playing games Techniques d’interrogation and Rupture, translated Apocalypse World and Dungeon World into French and contributed to the book "Leading the role-playing games" (2016). Creator and editor of the blog “Du bruit derrière le paravent”, his research focuses on game design and narrative co-construction.

Le jeu de rôle comme espace potentiel : contribution à une anthropologie de l’enchantement Peer review

Isabelle Borsus et Grégory Pogorzelski | 11.09.2020

In this article, we would like to contribute to the drawing of the contours of enchantment as a concept by confronting it to the scene of tabletop role playing game. To this end, we will defend the hypothesis that role playing game could be approached as an enchantment device (dispositif d’enchantement), itself considered as a « potential space » (Belin, 2002) framing and encouraging the emergence of an extra-daily experience. At first, we will discuss the environment of the [...]