Tural Aliyev

Tural Aliyev is a Senior Ph.D. researcher at the University of Geneva (Institute for Environmental Sciences), in urban planning, in the framework of the "Swiss Government Scholarships for International Students". He received his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Architecture and Construction in Azerbaijan (2005-2009), in Architecture and Urban Planning (with honors). After graduating, he continued his study at the Higher School of Architecture, in Montpellier (France), in the framework of the "State Program on the Education of Azerbaijan Youth Abroad in the Years 2007-2015". Then, he graduated his study at the University Paul Valéry Montpellier III (2011-2013), with a Master’s degree in "Urban Planning and Territorial Projects".

Le rythme urbain : un outil de réflexion sur la reconfiguration de la morphologie de l’espace.

Tural Aliyev et Alireza Hashemi Behramani | 03.07.2019

In recent years, the study of rhythm and its possible impacts on the urban environment has become important. Today more than ever, the study of rhythm in a city has a transversal approach and enters in to several social science disciplines. As a result, the article has a transdisciplinary approach and seeks to question the relationships between urban rhythm and the morphology of space, in order to contribute to the reflection of the specialists who are interested in it. [...]