Alireza Hashemi Behramani

Alireza Hashemi Behramani, urban planner and geographer, is a Ph.D. researcher at the University of Geneva. Alireza is conducting his doctoral research on the urban development, transportation, land use and sustainability nexus. He tests the transit-oriented development model within the development of Tehran megalopolis’ sprawl into surrounding mountain ranges, from the Caspian Provinces in the north to the desert in the south. In 2016, Hashemi received his Degree of Advanced Studies in Sustainable Urban Development, from the University of Lausanne, Switzerland. In 2015, he received his Master’s degree in Geography and Urban Studies from the same university. He started his research and professional career in Urban Planning and Management of Architectural Projects since 2008, when he studied at the University of Tehran, Iran, in Engineering and City Planning.

Le rythme urbain : un outil de réflexion sur la reconfiguration de la morphologie de l’espace.

Tural Aliyev et Alireza Hashemi Behramani | 03.07.2019

In recent years, the study of rhythm and its possible impacts on the urban environment has become important. Today more than ever, the study of rhythm in a city has a transversal approach and enters in to several social science disciplines. As a result, the article has a transdisciplinary approach and seeks to question the relationships between urban rhythm and the morphology of space, in order to contribute to the reflection of the specialists who are interested in it. [...]