Solen Le Clec'h

Solen Le Clec'h graduated in geography from the Rennes 2 University, France. She is currently a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Agricultural Economics and Policy (AECP) group of ETH Zürich, Switzerland. She focuses her researches on human-nature interactions and environmental management tools through the spatial and quantitative dimensions of ecosystem services supply and demand in agricultural areas. From a methodological point of view, she based her work on statistical and spatial methods.

Déconstruire la spatialisation de services écosystémiques par la modélisation critique. Peer review

Solen Le Clec'hJohan OszwaldSimon DufourMichel GrimaldiNicolas Jégou et Matthieu Noucher | 07.02.2019

This article analyzes the impact of the choice and accuracy of input data on the metrology of the objects of Nature, based on the example of the ecosystem services mapping in the Amazonian pioneer fronts. To do so, field and remote sensing data are linked using regressions. These regressions emphasize : 1) the unequal capacity to map ecosystem services ; 2) the need to adapt the methodology to each indicator ; 3) the need to take into account various [...]