Nicolas Jégou

Nicolas Jégou has a PhD in applied mathematics and he is currently lecturer at Rennes 2 University. His research revolves around non parametric regression with a special focus on estimation under shape restrictions. From a more applied perspective, his work involves the modeling of geographical data such as ecosystem services. As a lecturer, he teaches probability and statistics in the stream of Applied Mathematics and Informatics for Humanities and Social Sciences, as well as regression and data analysis for the Master in Geography. He collaborated on the publication of several works about the R software and leads continuous training workshops for companies that use it.

Déconstruire la spatialisation de services écosystémiques par la modélisation critique. Peer review

Solen Le Clec'hJohan OszwaldSimon DufourMichel GrimaldiNicolas Jégou et Matthieu Noucher | 07.02.2019

This article analyzes the impact of the choice and accuracy of input data on the metrology of the objects of Nature, based on the example of the ecosystem services mapping in the Amazonian pioneer fronts. To do so, field and remote sensing data are linked using regressions. These regressions emphasize : 1) the unequal capacity to map ecosystem services ; 2) the need to adapt the methodology to each indicator ; 3) the need to take into account various [...]