Nicholas Stücklin

Nicholas Stücklin works at the Institute of Social Sciences at the University of Lausanne. He is writing a thesis on the relationship between humans and animals in the Life Sciences, and more specifically about the metamorphosis of the prairie vole, a North American rodent described as monogamous and bi-parental in zoology and brain science. He has also worked on the politics of compassion and on emotions as a tool of persuasion in organ donation in a research program at the National Research Pole in Affective Sciences. Alongside Emilie Bovet, he is co-president of STS-CH, an association that seeks to promote the social studies of science in Switzerland, by organising conferences and symposia between researchers.

Brain Mind Society.

A critical account of neuroscience.

Mathieu ArminjonDelphine PreissmannVincent BarrasCynthia KrausFrancesco PaneseVincent Pidoux et Nicholas Stücklin | 16.12.2014

Since the 1990s, which was proclaimed the “Decade of the brain” in the US by former president George Bush Sr., the rise of neuroscience has been considered a major scientific, historical, discursive, political, cultural and even mediatic event in western society (Rose and Abi-Rashed 2013). Countless symposiums and publications of all sorts have been produced [...]