Mathieu Arminjon

Mathieu Arminjon studied philosophy (Université Jean Moulin, Lyon 3) and psychology (Université Lumière, Lyon 2) and holds a PhD in Life Sciences from the University of Lausanne. He works as a scientific collaborator at the University of Geneva and at the Agalma Foundation and teaches at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL). His areas of interest cover the historical epistemology of the life sciences, neuroscience and psychoanalysis. He is currently working on the political history of the concepts of regulation in neurophysiology and on the epistemological implications of the critical neuroscience.

Brain Mind Society.

A critical account of neuroscience.

Mathieu ArminjonDelphine PreissmannVincent BarrasCynthia KrausFrancesco PaneseVincent Pidoux et Nicholas Stücklin | 16.12.2014

Since the 1990s, which was proclaimed the “Decade of the brain” in the US by former president George Bush Sr., the rise of neuroscience has been considered a major scientific, historical, discursive, political, cultural and even mediatic event in western society (Rose and Abi-Rashed 2013). Countless symposiums and publications of all sorts have been produced [...]

L’homoncule de Penfield. Peer review

Une icône neuropsychologique ?

Mathieu Arminjon | 20.07.2009

Penfield’s homunculus embodies the motor and sensitive body as it is represented by the brain from corporeal afferences. Beyond its epistemological limits, it is still fascinating. Indeed modern science does not usually rely on artistic means to present its data. Medical iconography has soon seen in it the return of the “monstrous”, typifying classic-age psychiatry. Our aim is to propose an alternative reading. Through its own epistemic benefits and limits, the homunculus could attest of the contamination of neurology [...]