Hervé Rivano

Hervé Rivano, PhD in computer science, is Full Professor at INSA Lyon, member of the EA 3720 CITI lab and of the LabEX Intelligence des Mondes urbains (urban world intelligence). He is the head of the common INSA Lyon/Inria Agora project team and belongs to the Lyon Urban School. His research focuses on the design, optimization and usage of wireless networks for smart cities. More specifically, he works on low cost sensor networks, dense and mobile, for urban environmnental monitoring and on how to exploit wireless technologies for real-time optimization of the urban infrastructure to soft mobilities.

Susciter la parole des cyclistes : traces GPS et vidéos au service de l’entretien

Matthieu AdamNathalie OrtarLuc MerchezGeorges-Henry Laffont et Hervé Rivano | 26.10.2020

Bikeability refers to the capacity of spaces to accommodate, facilitate and secure cycling practices. GIS-based, its evaluation, is built on indicators which are based on projections of what is increasing/decreasing the ability to cycle in a given place. However, the confrontation of these evaluations with the experience of cyclists remains to be built and is the goal of the Véléval project. The survey combines three methodological tools: the measurement of trips thanks to GPS tracks, the analysis of video [...]