Daphné Le Roux

Daphné Le Roux is a PhD student in philosophy and ethnology at Paris Nanterre Université (Laboratoire Sophiapol). She is currently writing a doctoral thesis on the way subjectivity is constituted in the context of ritual experience. She is doing her fieldwork in France, where she studies Catholic weddings.

Foucault va à l’église. Peer review

Repenser l’efficacité rituelle et la subjectivation par le croisement disciplinaire.

Daphné Le Roux | 21.12.2017

If only civil weddings legally create the union between a husband and his wife, and if Catholic weddings are nothing but optional, how can we account for the ritual effectiveness of the latter ? How to think the effects actions have on the fiancés who perform them ? This article aims to highlight how an interdisciplinary approach can help us face these questions. On the one hand, using philosophical concepts – namely, here, subjectivation – allows us to understand [...]