Christophe Mincke

Christophe Mincke is the director of the criminology department of the National Institute for Forensic Science and Criminology (NICC-INCC, Belgium) and professor at the University Saint-Louis-Brussels (CASPER). He is also working to develop a theory of mobilitarian ideology and he studies reference to mobility as a register to justify the prison. He has also used this register to analyse penal mediation and management of justice (2013. « Mobilité et justice pénale. L’idéologie mobilitaire comme soubassement du managérialisme » Droit et Société, n°84 : p. 359-389). He recently coordinated a work on the relation between mobility and ideology, by Ashgate and with Marcel Endres, Katharina Manderscheid and Christophe Mincke, « The Mobilities Paradigm : Discourses and Ideologies ».

Mobilités changeantes, mobilités intriquées.

Christophe Mincke et Vincent Kaufmann | 29.03.2017

Are we really sure we know what mobility is ? And what about immobility ? These simple questions were the springboard for our reflection, in three steps. The first step led us to study how the definition of mobile and immobile varied over time, and how this occurred in cadence with changes in the representations of space and time. The second step was devoted to examining the nature of the spaces in which mobility can be deployed. We defend [...]